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This is the website of Trend Wealthy.

I am a retired military wife, mother of three daughters, and two granddaughters. I’ve traveled the world, and now back in the private sector, am building my own business.

I started affiliate marketing in 2022 and have gained expansive knowledge and experience in the affiliate marketing arena. I am working to earn my Online Entrepreneur Certification through the world-class affiliate marketing course, Wealthy Affiliate.

As a member, I have access to hundreds of lessons, articles, and unlimited guidance through seasoned ambassadors and new members, alike! The most affordable of online affiliate courses, I am very happy I chose this company as they have 15 years invested in the business. This indicates they have seen and experienced the exponential growth of the industry and continue to use cutting-edge resources to educate their members and guide them to success.

My website is going to be a catalyst for helping individuals who are interested in affiliate marketing. When I started my business, so many things were unclear and I wished many times, to find a website where tips and sources were written in simple language. I hope to bring to the front, some of the lesser-known aspects of marketing, as well as, offer clarity on the expansive learning curve.

I hope you’ll explore the site and learn about possibly building your own business and making good money passively as opposed to going into a 9-5:00 job making money for someone else!